Our Critique Service can help you


Make your book the best it can be by submitting a sample to the CWG Critique Service.

A qualified professional will provide straightforward feedback on your writing’s overall strength, suggested ways to improve, and advice on your manuscript’s potential. These anonymous critiques are a good barometer of where you currently are and what steps you should take next to grow as a writer.

CWG offers three critique levels:

Partial Manuscript Critiques

Submit up to fifteen pages of your prose, fiction or nonfiction for a no-holds-barred evaluation. Visit our Facebook page before March 31 to claim a special offer on a Partial Manuscript Critique.

Full Manuscript Critiques

Receive a substantive edit of your first 12,500 words (if your manuscript contains more than 75,000 words) or your first 8,750 words (if your manuscript contains fewer than 75,000 words).

Elite Critiques*

Submit up to ten pages of your fiction or nonfiction manuscript, and Jerry B. Jenkins will personally provide an extensive rewrite, a thorough written commentary on your writing strengths and weaknesses, and much more.

*Elite Critique fees go toward the Christian Writers Guild’s ministry of training writers.


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