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“I sat around for six months after my book Overwhelmed was published, waiting on my publisher to do more,” says Jennifer Maggio. “I learned that my book’s success rested on my shoulders—and I’d better get busy doing something. Something is always better than nothing.” Maggio is now marketing her second book, The Church and the Single Mom.

In a day when book sales are predominantly the author’s responsibility, what can you do to market yours?

“Readers want a relationship with the author before buying,” says Christy award-winner and Craftsman mentor DiAnn Mills. “First care about the reader, and that manifests itself in social media.”

Mills maintains both a website and Facebook fan page. Each Monday, she posts an interactive comment or question.

Mills and Maggio recommend:

1. Begin marketing immediately.
Don’t wait until your book arrives in stores. It may never get there.

2. Don’t be shy.
Ask everyone you can think of to help support you—friends, family, church members, co-workers, even the guy in the grocery store.

3. Develop a social media campaign. “I am part of every site I can find,” Maggio says. “Develop a profile, put out key information and a bio, and link to your other sites. I have support from fans in social media venues that I may never have met otherwise. Profile development on various sites is time-consuming, but it helps sell books.”

4. Be passionate. “When the books were not selling I was certain I should just go back into a corporate job,” she says. “But deep within I knew that my story, all of the hurt from my past, was destined to inspire others. My purpose is to bring others redemptive hope, and that motivates me. That passion has made me successful.”

PeggySue Wells wants you to buy her titles, which include What To Do When You’re Scared to Death and Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After. Visit her website at

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  1. Monica R. Pinelli says

    I am looking for a way to promote my book “THE JOY OF A HEARTBREAK” An auto-biography on my son, Michael-david. The book tells of my life with my son who became a victim to the toxins of birth jaundice. This toxin causes a high death rate to infants and children, today my son is the oldest living survivor in the USA.
    Because I had no medical guidance to help me; With God’s guidance and humor, my HEAVENLY FATHER took His hand in mine and walked me through obstacles defeating education, medical and political trends.
    God opened doors that only He could do with ways that bible believing Christians could relate to. My son and I became VICTORS because of it.
    My problem is marketing my book in the correct place for sales with faith based readers.
    Can you help me by giving me advice as to the best places to go for a “faith” based book as such is ‘The Joy”.
    With God’s blessing, Monica R. Pinelli

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