Living in Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving, and you’ve likely spent a few moments being grateful. It probably felt good. How about becoming more intentional about gratitude in your post-Thanksgiving life?

Many writers find gratitude a challenge. Your business is tough, whether it’s your profession, your ministry, or both. But gratitude is essential.

Writer Jeff Goins offers three reasons writers need to be grateful:


  • is one way to let your light shine in this dark world,
  • helps us stop comparing ourselves to others, and
  • reminds us how blessed we are. (Read his post).

Here at the Guild we have much to be grateful for:

And that’s just a partial list. Personally, we each have special people and circumstances that make us smile:

  • Julie Adams, accounting assistant: I am thankful for family that supports me and helps me in everything—and that I live in Colorado and am able to see God’s beautiful mountains every day.
  • Matt Brown, marketing and web: I’m thankful for my new wife and family.
  • Michael Ehret, editor-in-chief: I thank the Lord for my wife, Deb, for our family, and for our church family where we have the privilege of participating with a body of believers intentional about Kingdom ministry.
  • Jerry B. Jenkins, owner: I’m thankful not only for three new adopted grandchildren, but also for sons and daughters-in-law selfless and committed enough to make such life-changing decisions.
  • Janice Mitchell, director: I’m thankful for my family—children and grandchildren who live close by. I’m thankful for the wonderful CWG staff and mentors.
  • Tanya Shtatman, administrative assistant: I am thankful for two healthy daughters and a wonderful husband and for having my whole family together for the holidays.
  • Leilani Squires, admissions: I’m thankful for my family, and for the opportunities and adventures we’ve been blessed with this year. Never a dull moment!

React: Share what you’re thankful for this year.

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