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Need ideas for your fiction? Check your email. Ideas for scenes come straight to my in-box.

My wife and I reserve one email account for commercial updates. Not just a source for bargains, it’s a treasure trove for writers wanting to think outside their own experience.

Yesterday came an offer for a Beef Wellington dinner at an exclusive restaurant. With a few clicks I toured the facility, scanned the menu, and visited the dining room. Its reviews on Tripadvisor.com offered insights into customers’ experience there — including an encounter with a bartender having a bad day. Lots of ideas — all free.

This morning three back-to-back email offers grabbed my attention.

livingsocial.com advertised “couples’ massage + foot soak + champagne.” Down the page I found opportunities for a day of paintball for two, tattoo removal, and fitness classes.

● Yoga classes and ionic foot baths. Ionic? I thought that was a kind of Greek column.

I also learned of a barbecue cooking class for two, followed by an introductory pistol course (also available for a girls’ night out) followed by whiskey and cigars at a steak house. (The girls’ night out option substitutes red or white wine and light appetizers for the whiskey and cigars.) While few of these are likely to interest a Christian writer, they certainly spark story ideas.

● A 90-minute light plane flight experience that includes on-the-ground instruction in a flight simulator, followed by a “45-minute flight with you at the controls.”

Other choices included an eight-hour fly fishing trip for two, a golf lesson with swing evaluation, and ten one-hour Irish dance classes.

Whether you need ideas or a source for details, the answers are just a few clicks away.

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