It’s Not My Fault

I should be working on my book, but the phone keeps ringing. And soon I should water my flower garden. Oh look—my best friend from high school wants to chat on Facebook. Sound familiar?

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What’s your excuse?

I’m reminded of the man at the Pool of Bethesda in John 5. In the story, people who needed healing gathered around the pool and waited for the water to stir—the first one in the water received healing.

One of those waiting was a man who had been an invalid 38 years. One day, Jesus approached him. “Do you want to get well?”

Yes or no?

The man didn’t say, “Of course I want to get well. Look at these scars on my arms because I’ve tried to pull myself over the stones to reach the pool.”

Neither did he say, “To be honest, I’m content with my routine. My life would change too much if I were healed.”

The man didn’t say yes; he didn’t say no. What he did say gave me pause. “There’s no one to put me into the water. Another gets there before me.” Translation: “It’s not my fault.”

I love that Jesus didn’t argue with him. Instead, Jesus said, “Take up your mat and walk.” John 5: 9 says, “At once the man was healed.”

What’s your answer?

Jesus still asks, “Do you want to get well?” For the writer, the question might be, “Do you want to write?” or “Do you want to answer the call I have placed on your life?”

Or do you prefer your excuses?

I think I’ll unplug the phone and water my garden tomorrow. That chat with my friend can also wait. Today I have a book to write.

Sandra P. Aldrich is President and CEO of Bold Words, Inc. and a Christian Writers Guild mentor. Her 500-plus articles have appeared in Focus on the Family, Moody magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, Discipleship Journal, and others.


  1. Pauline Hylton says

    I want to do that, I just need Jesus to turn off chat and water my garden. I don’t seem to be able to make the rest of my life go away.

    But I’m gonna try.

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