Investing in Others

A young woman interested in writing asked me to lunch. When I accepted she seemed to think I had sacrificed to meet with “a lowly aspiring writer.”

But I felt blessed to meet Debbie. She became highly animated when she talked about wanting to serve the Lord through writing.

“You’re a speaker,” I said. “Your words, your enthusiasm, and your outer and inner beauty are gifts that can be used while standing before groups of people.”

Debbie’s mouth dropped open. “Do you mean that? That’s my heart’s desire, but who would listen to me? I thought I needed to write a book first and be somebody.”

Prepared to Serve

Since then Debbie has attended a major writers conference, taken a class on writing Bible studies, and used that training to speak to church groups. She was recently the keynoter for several hundred women.

Last summer Debbie taught a Bible study in her home for five teenage girls, including my 15-year-old granddaughter. As a result, my granddaughter decided she didn’t really need a boyfriend yet—and the girls spoke out about personal concerns that most would not raise with their parents.

Debbie has created her own teen Bible study booklets, and she is scheduled to teach several classes. She is doing what she feels God has led her to do—speaking and writing.

Credits and Rewards

When you take time to help someone else, you receive the blessing. Sometimes even your granddaughter.

Debbie credits me with getting her started. But we both know Who really did.

Yvonne Lehman, the author of more than 3 million books in print, mentors in Guild’s Apprentice, Journeyman, and Fiction that Sells courses

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