How to be Taken Seriously as a Writer (part 1)

Writing for the Soul

Writing for the Soul

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Regardless whether you’ve been published, you have every right to take seriously your desire to be a writer.

These steps will help:

Set aside a place to write. A dedicated office or even just a corner of your dining room table, this should be a place you leave out the tools of your trade so you can grab a few minutes whenever the opportunity arises.

Keep careful records. From letters to the editor to poems, articles, or sample chapters, everything you write is part of your opus. Many times I have pulled bits of old projects and incorporated them into a new work. A few years ago, a Writer’s Digest publication paid me several hundred dollars for an e-mail I had sent to a writers organization. I reorganized the material and jazzed it up before I submitted it, but not bad for an e-mail!

Use your talent to influence society. Write letters and e-mails to politicians and letters to the editor. Volunteer to write (or proofread) your church or school newsletter. Help someone write their life story. Any place you can use your writing –– no matter how low the pay (if any) –– is a place you can practice your skills.

Invest in your career. Subscribe to a few writing magazines. Start your collection of writing and research books. Anything you spend on writing is tax-deductible. Talk to an accountant about how you should file as a working writer.

Deborah Raney’s books have won numerous awards including the RITA, National Readers Choice Award, and the Carol Award. She will teach both morning and afternoon sessions at the upcoming Writing for the Soul conference. Visit her at

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3 Responses to How to be Taken Seriously as a Writer (part 1)

  1. Sheri Lynn says:

    I like it.

  2. Carla Zwahlen says:

    Thank you! The steps you listed in your post encourage me.

  3. Wendy Grasser says:

    Wow! I praise the Lord and thank Him for these wonderful tips that I am putting to work as I type here. For the past year I have been somewhat housebound as I have been taking care of my ailing mother-in-law and as I am not in the best of health either. Writing, for me, is an avenue by which I can soar above my boundaries. Now I know how to get on my way. Thank you so much!