Gleaning Writing Ideas from the
10 Commandments, Part 2

While the first four Commandments show us how to worship God, the last six guide us in our relationships with others. They, too, provide a wealth of writing ideas.

Honor your father and your mother
What is your relationship with your parents like? Easy? Difficult? How did you—or are you—dealing with the issues? What lessons did they teach you? What did you learn about parenting or marriage from them? Have you learned to forgive them for something, or do you need to apologize for something?

Don’t murder
Jesus told us this command goes beyond actual murder and includes hatred. How do you handle conflict? What role does forgiveness play? What about respect? What joys have you celebrated with others? What pain have you worked through? How do you build stronger relationships to avoid “murdering” someone?

Don’t commit adultery
Many people struggle in their marriages—even Christians. How do you protect your marriage? If you’re single, how do you avoid compromising situations and maintain purity? What are some ways to treat members of the opposite sex with respect? What about temptation? Pornography? How do you keep your mind pure?

Don’t steal
Have you ever taken credit for someone else’s ideas? How do you deal with the temptation to take something that doesn’t belong to you? What about borrowing music from the library and downloading it? Is that stealing? How about right-clicking on a Web image and using it on your blog? What is stealing online?

Don’t bear false witness
What is your opinion of the so-called “little white lie”? Has one of your lies destroyed a relationship? Made a bad situation worse? What about the lie you told that never was found out—what do you do with that guilt? How do you choose to tell the truth, even when it’s difficult?

Don’t covet
Has jealousy over someone else’s belongings (or writing contract) caused a break in your relationship with them? Do you rejoice when good things happen to others? Have you ever gone into debt to get something you want? What was the result? What are your secrets for being content in all circumstances?

Photo: Deborah ChristensenDeborah Christensen has been freelancing since 1989. She works as a writer/editor for Lighthouse Christian Products and serves as a mentor for The Guild. She writes the blog Plowing the Fields to help writers glean ideas from everyday life.


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