Gleaning Ideas from Personal Experiences

The article I’ve most often re-sold shows how I’ve influenced my niece and nephews. It resonates with readers because everyone has children in their lives.

What are the stories of your life? A personal experience article begins with your story and ends with a universal truth your readers can embrace, such as:

● what God taught you

● how you grew through the experience

● how you learned to relate to others

A faith journey

God uses our experiences to teach us profound lessons. Consider an experience that’s taught you:

● about worship

● where you need to grow

● to trust Him more

● to encourage others

● to develop the fruits of the Spirit

● to love your enemy

Everyone loves a story. Yours can encourage readers to examine their lives and see things anew. You can show them God is still at work.

It might be something your child said or a time when you had nowhere to turn but to God. It’s your story — but the lessons can help others.

From story to solution

Have you ever read someone else’s story and seen an answer to your problem? Maybe you needed help with your child’s disobedience or struggled with an illness. The story gave you insights about your next step.

You also have stories to tell:

● what you learned from a job crisis

● what happened as you cared for aging parents

● how you learned the value of friendship

● how you experienced forgiveness

Readers don’t want to be bludgeoned with “you should do this.” But if they can see themselves in your story, they’ll consider your insights.

A personal experience story needn’t be epic. Sometimes you find the most profound lessons in the little moments.

Keep your eyes open. Journal. You’ll find the stories you need.

Deborah Christensen is a mentor for the Christian Writers Guild. She has been freelancing since 1989 and works full time with Lighthouse Christian Products Co. as a writer/editor.

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