Gleaning Articles from Family Relationships

Years ago, I became involved in my niece’s and nephews’ lives, including taking them out on “dates.” One of my friends said, “You should write about that.” It became my first published article.

Learning through life together
I didn’t know other aunts who spent intentional time with their nieces and nephews. “Their Children/My Children,” looked at how everyone can impact the children in their lives. It’s my most reprinted article.

In it I also shared what I learned in the process. What lessons have you learned from family relationships? Could readers apply them to their own lives?

A how-to goldmine
What did you learn caring for your elderly parents? How do you maintain your relationship with your siblings through the seasons of life? Your spouse? Your children? Your extended family?

How do you solve parenting problems? How do you plan family activities? What special things do you do at holidays? How have you helped your children adjust to a move? A job loss? Mom going back to work? How do you teach your children about chores? About God?

Invite readers on your journey. Keep watching and learning. Your idea file will never be empty.

Deborah Christensen served as the editor for Christian Service Brigade for 18 years. She now works for Lighthouse Christian Products as editor and writer. She began freelancing in 1989 and is also a mentor with the Christian Writer’s Guild.


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