Gleaning Article Ideas from Your Quiet Time

During my quiet time, I read a Bible passage and write what it means to me, listing practical ways I can apply it. I also journal my prayers.

Several things happen during these times: God confronts me about areas where I need to grow, I see the blessings He’s given me, and I learn to trust Him more.

I’ve filled several notebooks over the years, so I can go back and see how God has worked. But I also find article ideas in them, and you can do the same.

Meditations and devotionals
Your quiet time notes can give you almost ready-made devotionals. The Scripture already accompanies your notes, so expand on those:

  • What challenges were you facing when God spoke to you through that passage?
  • What did you learn about God? About yourself?
  • How can you make the Scripture passage come alive for your readers?

Share your knowledge
While devotionals focus on Scripture, personal experience articles focus on a story. Write an anecdote that shows how God used what you learned during a quiet time to help you. How did you use the Scripture passage to grow?

Stories based on your spiritual experience can help readers see God at work in new ways.

Step by step
How-to articles go beyond the story to the process of solving a problem or facing an issue. What practical insights from your quiet time did you apply to a challenge? What process did God use to get you from Point A to Point B in your spiritual walk?

Help your readers apply the lessons you learned to their own marriages, families, work, and friendships.

Your quiet time can produce more than a deeper relationship with God. It can also generate a harvest of articles. What inspires you can inspire others.

Photo: Deborah ChristensenDeborah Christensen served as the editor for Christian Service Brigade for 18 years. She now works for Lighthouse Christian Products as editor and writer. She began freelancing in 1989 and is also a mentor with the Christian Writers Guild.


  1. says

    I recently stumbled on to a devotional idea that resulted from my morning Bible study and meditation.

    So I wrote the devotional and then another and another. Soon I had written nine, which I am ready to submit.

    I pray that they will be accepted for publication and be of help to others.

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