Gleaning Article Ideas from Marriage and Parenting

Love. Respect. Submission. Forgiveness. The Bible is full of guidance on living out a godly marriage. The trick is to apply that in daily life. The same with parenting.

Every day, we make choices and mistakes, build memories and relationships. And if we pay attention, we also create an idea file for our writing.


Share in a personal experience article how you and your spouse overcame an obstacle. Offer step-by-step guidelines how you:

● handle finances

● build a healthy sexual relationship

● resolve conflict

● choose friends

● make decisions


Start with the issues most important to you. Then ask other parents what’s at the tops of their lists. They may give you ideas you’ve never considered. How do you:

● handle discipline

● make choices about education

● encourage healthy self-esteem

● recognize health problems

● help children adjust to a new baby

Ideas for the Family

The state of your marriage affects the whole family. And the joys and struggles of parenting affect your marriage. How do you:

● live out a godly marriage before your children

● comfort your children through a parent’s death

● maintain stability for children amid a divorce

● keep your marriage strong as you deal with a disabled child

● maintain a united front toward a wayward child

● build family memories

● plan family vacations

● make family meals more meaningful

Tapping into Experts

Include quotes from authorities. Your pastor can give helpful insights and point you to experts. As you interview them, you may discover the nugget of another idea.

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