Five Ways to Beat the Blank Screen

Sometimes the words flood from your fingers, sometimes the dam seems unbreakable. Here are five ways to get them flowing again.

  1. Pray: Write out or keyboard your prayer. Start with what’s on your mind. “Lord, I can’t find the words today” is a great place to begin. As you tell God your struggles, your story will often come.
  2. Edit: Before I start writing, I go back and edit what I wrote the day before. This reminds me what was going on in my story and I reconnect with my characters before trying to take them somewhere new.
  3. Skip the scene: Sometimes a scene just won’t come, so I skip it and write another that comes later. Once that’s done, I can usually go back to the one I was stuck on and bang that out.
  4. Do more research: When a scene isn’t ringing true, often it’s because I don’t yet know enough to write it. I look at pictures of my setting, check my character notes, and go online to double check my facts. Often I discover a piece of information that makes everything work.
  5. Accountability: Having someone challenge me to report daily word counts helps.

Most times, one of these techniques will help. Sometimes I have to employ more than one. The key is to not get discouraged.

What do you do when the blank screen seems to be winning? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Heather Kreke is an avid reader and hopes to inspire teens to seek God’s will for their lives through her writing. She lives in Pittsburgh PA with her husband and two young daughters.


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