Finding Your Everyday Experts

People close to me and those I interact with occasionally give me article ideas from their fields of expertise. My niece-in-law is a nurse. If I have a health question, I go to her first.

What do you need?
Your struggles can serve as a starting point for how-to articles that help others. Need to build a deck? Who do you know in construction or who is an excellent handyman? Want to find ways to reduce your spending? Which of your friends or relatives is getting by on one income?

If you need parenting help, or spiritual guidance, or help choosing the right pet for your family, you can bet other people do too.

What can you learn?
As you solve your problem, think beyond your needs to the needs of others. Pepper your expert with questions for your situation, but include questions that will also help you write an article.

When you shop at an electronics store or home improvement center, ask questions of the staff. You may learn something you can share in an article.

What can you share?
The experts you know may provide a good interview. If not, they’ll likely know others in their field who can. Since you may not know the right questions, encourage them to tell you what else they think you need to know.

Stay alert. Watch and listen. Your everyday experts may spark amazing article ideas.

Deborah Christensen served as the editor for Christian Service Brigade for 18 years. She now works for Lighthouse Christian Products as an editor and writer. She began freelancing in 1989 and is a mentor with the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild.


  1. kristen marie says

    I REALLY appreciate these ideas. We have resources all around us, and I definitely have not been making use of them!

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