Craftsman Students Enjoy Residency

Ten would-be novelists, all members of the Guild’s current Craftsman course for fiction, brought their works in progress to a special residency at the Cliff House hotel in Manitou Springs, Colorado, early this month. They spent five days with Jerry B. Jenkins, DiAnn Mills, Dennis Hensley, and McNair Wilson and also benefitted from time with communications consultant Julie Niles.

The Craftsman course is the Guild’s most advanced and intense class. The year-long course is not for everyone. There are no shortcuts, no slack, and participation requires a substantial investment of time and finances.

At the residency, students received thick-skinned critiques from Jenkins on their work while learning to self-edit, and intense training in fiction techniques from Mills and Hensley. Wilson coached students on speaking, and Niles conducted mock radio interviews.

For more information about the Craftsman course, click here.

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