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Writing for the Soul

Writing for the Soul

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When January arrives, you have a fresh opportunity to fulfill your resolution to read the entire Bible in a year. Taking it one day at a time, it’s easier than you may suspect.


Establish a routine. I’ve done my daily reading on a Chicago Transit Authority El train, during lunch, at my desk during breaks … the key is finding a time and place that fits your schedule.

Be flexible. If you miss a few days, keep going. Catch up if you can, but don’t quit. Last year after finishing John’s gospel, I decided to take another run through the Gospels.

Follow a plan. Google “Bible reading plan” and you’ll find multiple guides. After a few years using plans that specified daily Old Testament and New Testament readings, I took an approach I find easier. Starting in Genesis, I read straight through. Just three chapters daily and five on Sunday gets you there. You don’t need a schedule, just a bookmark.

Listen as you read. A few years ago I received an MP3 audio version of the entire Bible. It’s revolutionized my daily reading. Even when the narrator gets to the “boring parts,” he never misses a beat. Same with those hard-to-pronounce names. As I listen, I follow in a text version—sometimes the same translation, sometimes not.

Listen online. Besides text versions, offers audio of six English translations. Whether you listen online or with a gadget, the audio doubles the input you receive and helps keep you on task.

Tell a friend. Especially if you’re new to this, find a friend to read through the Scriptures with you. If you don’t need the accountability, perhaps your friend will.

Andy Scheer served for twelve years as managing editor of Moody magazine before joining the staff of the Christian Writers Guild.

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