Don’t Be Afraid of Editors

At my first writer’s conference I schlumped around fearing I’d run into an editor. I thought they’d reject me—and they did.

One said, “Sorry, that’s not a good fit for our publication.” Another suggested I rewrite my article shorter. Head hanging, I took my manuscripts home and tucked them away.

With experience comes growth
A few years later the editors were less intimidating. One even went to dinner with me. Both young wives and mothers with demanding jobs, we connected.

At the 2011 Writing for the Soul Conference, I got to know editors better, taking the time to learn more about what they do. Their jobs are demanding—and their loyalty is to their audience. Editors expect the best from those who write for them.

Take time to prepare
You’ll feel less intimidated—and less fearful—if you:

  • Understand you will receive rejections. Don’t take them personally. Learn from them.
  • Study the editors and their publications and meet with those who are a good fit for your subject.
  • Come with your best work and dress for success.
  • Realize editors are busy—and not just with your article. They have other work, plus a family, plus a church, plus a mortgage—just like you.
  • Remember, we’re all on the same team—we work for the King of Kings.

So, dust off those manuscripts. Make them better. Then sign up for a conference such as Writing for the Soul.

Pauline Hylton lives in Clearwater, Florida. She’s a graduate of the Guild’s Journeyman course. Her articles have appeared in the USA Today magazine, Your Life Guide to Women’s Health and Tallahassee Woman. Visit her online.

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