CWG Novel Writing Boot Camp

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Novel Writing Boot Camp

“Do you want to write novels, recruit?”

The drill sergeant moved into my personal space, his steel gray eyes boring into mine.

“Um, yes?” I wheeled my desk chair back slightly.

“I didn’t hear you clearly, recruit,” he bellowed, nose now one inch from my own.

“Yes! Yes, I want to write novels.”

“Yes, what, recruit?” I didn’t dare to wipe the spittle from my face.

“Sir, yes, sir!”

“On the computer, recruit, and give me 20—pages. And they’d better be your best.”

In the military, boot camp is “the initial indoctrination and instruction given to new recruits. The process of transforming civilians into soldiers; a form of mental conditioning.”

Are you ready to transform your writing? To condition your mind to think and act like that of a novelist? Are you willing to go toe-to-toe with best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins for the sake of your writing?

Enlist in CWG’s Novel Writing Boot Camp (October 28-29, 2010) and see if you have what it takes to endure two full days of intensive, hands-on training, from Jenkins and his three drill sergeants, Angela Elwell Hunt, DiAnn Mills, and McNair Wilson.

Jenkins, Hunt, and Mills are successful novelists and Christy Award winners in fiction and Wilson, a former Disney Imagineer, is a master at helping people unleash their creativity. Individually, they’ve each made their mark in the publishing arena. As a team, they will ignite the passion in you to reach for—and achieve—your goal.

“My hand-picked colleagues and I promise your most intense and profitable learning experience ever,” Jenkins says. “Your satisfaction is guaranteed—recruit.”

Do you have what it takes?

To register, call 866.495.5177 or email us.

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