Confronting Issues, Addressing Hurts

Divorce, abortion, alcoholism, homosexuality, and parent/child conflict are just a few issues we face. In addressing them as a Christian writer, your main responsibility may be to raise tough questions.

For years people assumed, “Good parents have good children.” When just a few good parents had rebellious children, people suspected the parents. But when many good parents had rebellious children, people questioned the assumption.

Whatever issue or hurt you address, examine the rhetoric, then find a biblical answer for those affected.

Three Qualifications
To write about issues and hurts:

  1. Be a brutal investigator. Work hard to separate fact from opinion. Make sure the facts are documented.
  2. Be a serious Bible student. The Bible is your primary source for answers. Be vigilant in separating Christian clichés from truly biblical answers. Be courageous in challenging theories that aren’t working.
  3. Be a sensitive communicator. If your goal is to help the hurting, focus on recovery. Suggest solutions that give hope, not indictments that increase hopelessness. Focus on the God of the second chance.

The writer who dares to confront painful issues can offer the voice of reason for a world that needs real answers.

Joy P. Gage is a mentor for the Christian Writers Guild, president of Northern Arizona Word Weavers, and the author of seventeen books, many of which have focused on finding biblical answers to current issues.

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