Building a Facebook Community

“I used to feel alone as a parent, but God sent me to this group,” says a young mother. Hers is one of hundreds of similar comments received at Moms Together, a thriving Facebook community.

When I launched this group I asked four women to join me—each of us has a specific story and platform, but our common audience is moms.

• One had adopted two children with special needs.
• One is a spiritual grandma.
• Another is a work-at-home expert.
• One ministers to overwhelmed moms.
• I speak to moms raised in dysfunction who want to give their children something better.

Our goal was not to build a platform but to 1) Offer value that draws women to the group, and 2) Build relationships that keep them coming back.

In six months Moms Together grew to 2,100 moms from 19 countries. Today, one year later, it has grown to 9,500 moms from all over the world. I’ve added two new members to the team. One who ministers exclusively to single moms, and another with a national mom mentoring ministry.

The group wasn’t designed to increase book sales, but it did, because the women feel they know us. We discuss issues that matter to them. We pray together.

Many writers wait for their books to be published and then begin to market—that’s backwards. A writer’s window of opportunity is usually tied to a marketing budget and efforts may be scattered, rather than focused.

Create community before publication, so when your book is available you have a resource to place in a willing audience’s hands. Even better, the relationships you have formed will continue after your book’s release.

T. Suzanne Eller, a Guild mentor, is a speaker and writer with Proverbs 31 Ministries, the author of five books and more than 1,000 articles. She speaks around the nation and has been featured on Focus on the Family, Aspiring Women, and hundreds of other programs.

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  1. says

    I began a blog 3 years ago because I saw a need for believers and unbelievers to get excited about knowing the God who made us through His Word. I had no thoughts of books or getting published.

    God has used my blog and Facebook page to as a tool to encourage and minister to others.Social networking is an amazing way to reach out to a hurting world.

    Will there be a book? Maybe someday, but ministry must come first!

    Thank you for this great reminder!


  2. says

    I finally get it. I’ve just stuck my toe in the Jordan of social networking, and now I’m waiting for the waters to part. So far blogging is … well, fun, I suppose. I can see the benefit. Facebook – I don’t know – yet. But then, I was slow to pick up on microwaves, digital camera, and computers, things I now can’t live without. Thanks for the encouragement.

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