Book Review: Under a Desert Sky

Writing for the Soul

Writing for the Soul

DiAnn Mills will teach at the 2012 Writing for the Soul conference. Register by August 1 for the Early Bird Discount.

Eva Fortier flees the safety of her wealthy lifestyle for a new beginning in the high desert of New Mexico after realizing a killer is out to get her.

Faith plays an important role in Eva’s eventual transformation as she realizes that life on God’s terms is an experience unlike any other. Eva rises above her circumstances and embraces a new culture and friends.

Under a Desert Sky delivers on multiple levels. Author DiAnn Mills, the Guild’s Craftsman mentor, writes a novel that makes our lives better for having read it. Under a Desert Sky will renew your spirit and refresh your soul. The ending is a tightly woven blend of mystery and suspense that will leave you wanting more.

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Matthew Koceich completed the Guild’s Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman courses. He and his wife Cindi have four children and live in Mansfield, Texas. His first novel, The Sending, is available at Marcher Lord Press.

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