Armchair Interviews

I’ve written articles for various Christian and secular magazines over the years and almost always include quotes from experts—whether homemakers, working professionals, ministers, artists, or athletes.

Securing these interviews is as easy as creating a simple email. Example:

Dear ____:
I’m writing an article for The Lookout magazine on how moms handle the pressure cooker of raising kids, holding down a job, and running a home. In one or two sentences would you please tell me what you do to keep the lid on in your life? (Example: a hobby, pastime, or activity that you enjoy.) If you’re interested in participating, I’ll need your response by August 1, including your full name and contact information, as well as a one-sentence permission to quote you in my forthcoming article, “Moms in the Pressure Cooker: Taking Care of Yourself—While Taking Care of Your Family.”
Thank you ahead of time for helping me encourage mothers with this article. I’ll be sure to send you the link to the published piece as soon as it appears online.
Warm regards,
Karen O’Connor

Once you’ve gathered the responses, you’re ready to weave them into your article. In fact, good quotes can carry the piece. Readers love to see what others have to say about a topic that interests them. I can certainly offer my viewpoint, but I’m not the last word on any subject. A variety of responses fills out my writing, adds credibility, and provides creative ways for people to look at their circumstances and apply fresh insight.

My writing task is easier and lighter too, thanks to the experts who share their experience and examples. So consider enriching your articles with words of wisdom from men and women often glad to offer their points of view on topics as varied as how to be a godly grandfather, the value of church membership, organizing your finances, and how to bounce back from failure.

And you can collect all this good stuff by conducting a brief online interview.

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