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What Writers Need

Guild mentor, Sandra Aldrich, shares what skill writers need most.


What’s Your Longing?

That meal remained as their family faith story. Whenever they faced tough times, they would remember God’s provision.


Your Own Writing Miracle

Discouraged about your writing journey?


It’s Not My Fault

Whose fault is it that you’re not where you long to be on your writing journey?

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The Difference Between OK and Great

What is one of the best ways to grow as a writer? Warning: This might hurt.


Striving to Arrive

Don’t despair if you haven’t arrived. Enjoy the journey and keep honing your craft. In the next day, month, and year, what steps will you take to develop your writing skills?

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Don’t Give Up

“Sure, sometimes my words come easily, but other times I feel as though I’m pulling my own wisdom teeth. That’s when I bring out my personal jump-start reminders.” – Sandra Aldrich

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What Writers Need

As I speak at conferences, I’m often asked what skill writers need most. “Perseverance!” is my immediate answer. After all, blog writing aside, going from idea to article publication can take months. Books often need years before the actual birth. …