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How to Research Historicals, part 2

You need help to ensure accuracy.


How to Research Before Writing Historicals, part 1

You need the right mix of the right information.


How to Catch An Editor’s Attention

Can dog food help you sell your work?


Working with Critique Partners

Find critique partners and trade honest feedback.


Planning Your Novel Series, Part 3

Make sure your characters grow in each book, while leaving room for them to continue to mature.


Planning Your Novel Series, Part 2

The series author must both satisfy and tantalize the reader.


Planning Your Novel Series, Part 1

A series that satisfies publishers, readers, and writers takes forethought.


Is Your Plot Believable?

Weaving an unquestioningly believable plot is tough.

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Chekhov’s Rifle

Ways to avoid jerking your reader out of your story world.

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Critique Covenant

Critique partners are essential to the working writer. They provide readers (and hopefully, writers!) to bounce one’s work off of, to get honest feedback from, and to find both inspiration and direction, as needed. Because you are entrusting yourself and …