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‘To Die For’ is To Die For

Sandra Byrd incorporates vivid details, authentic language, and rich settings to showcase a plot that shines.

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Book Review: Under a Desert Sky

Check out best selling author and Craftsman mentor DiAnn Mills’s latest book, Under a Desert Sky.


The Brotherhood / A Precinct 11 Novel Book Review

The Brotherhood, by Jerry B. Jenkins, shows how hope in the Savior rescues despite tragedy.

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Conflict of Interest

Conflict has been with us since the beginning of time. Recognizing different types of conflict and incorporating them will make your story realistic and meaningful.


You Are Here: Settings that Serve a Purpose

How do you craft settings that are not merely backdrops, but integral to their stories?

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Just Write: Building Stories out of Writer’s Block

Have you ever been sitting there, waiting for the perfect New York Times bestseller idea – but your muse is silent and your well of creativity is drier than the Sahara?