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What is Writing Essentials? (Part 2)

What habits do you need to develop to get published? Writing Essentials is the first step in your writing journey.


What Is Writing Essentials?

What is Writing Essentials? What’s in it for me? Who are these mentors?

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Webinars: Top-notch Education in Your Home

Webinars are short, but intense, classes live over the internet. Grab your pen and notepad, a cup of something hot and yummy, and login to learn tricks and tips from writing professionals to help you grow as a writer.

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Craftsman Students Enjoy Residency

On October 6, 10 Craftsmen students in the fiction track arrived for their five-day residency with Jerry B. Jenkins, DiAnn Mills, Dennis Hensley, and McNair Wilson at the Cliff House in Colorado Springs.

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Why Attend A Writers Conference?

I attended my first writers conference when I was 17. I had one writing class under my belt and a few writing samples to show to editors and publishers. I was scared. How do I pitch something to an editor? …