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So You Want to Write a Christian Book

Make the effort to do it right.


It’s Time for Come-Alongside Publishing

Who am I to say good writers don’t deserve to be published?


Do Only Your Best

Bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins shares how to become the best you can be.


A Little Birdie

Jerry B. Jenkins gives an update on his latest writing project.


Who Do You Write To?

Write to a single person at a time.


It’s a Wonderful Life

The title alone had always put me off. But I was riveted from the first scene.


What Do You Want For Christmas?

You know someone is going to ask what you want for Christmas this year. I say tell ‘em.


Making Description Work for You

Stimulate your reader’s theater of the mind.


Start Planning for Your Reward

Do you take time to celebrate your writing efforts?

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The Secret to Success: Don’t Quit

You’ll find it easier to write for other’s souls when your own is healthy.