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The Power of Pacing — Part 2

Every scene should have a goal, conflict, discovery, and high stakes.


The Power of Pacing — Part 1

Rhythmic pacing keeps your story alive and moving—in scenes and sequels that leave readers eager for what will happen next.


Children of the West

To know a book is to digest every word and experience it through the writer’s passion.


Mining Your Family Reunions

Invariably, family reunions spark story ideas for me.


The Lure of Historical Suspense

All stories need strong heroes and heroines who must choose between courage and allowing evil to win.


A Writer’s Twelve Days of Christmas

A writer can dream, right?


Does Your Story Measure Up?

Create a world that whisks your readers away.


The Antagonistic Setting

In an antagonistic setting, every breath means potential disaster.

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Who’s Your Boss?

Being a writer means being your own boss—right?


10 Things I Wish I Had Known

Bestselling author and CWG Craftsman mentor DiAnn Mills offers lighthearted encouragement for your writing journey.