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Ghostwriting Isn’t Spooky (Part 2)

Ghostwriting is a valid avenue of revenue.


Ghostwriting Isn’t Spooky (Part 1)

A bad day of writing is better than a good day of mopping floors.


What the Wise Men Taught Me about Goal Setting

The Wise Men sought truth and goodness. They were confident the Messiah would set things right.


My Biggest Mistake as a Beginning Writer

…the saddest, yet happiest, day of my writing career.

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Oedipus, Hannibal Lecter, and Janet Leigh

Is violence OK in fiction?


Establishing Your National Platform

Become known, and you too can attract interest from publishers.

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Literary Fiction Raises the Bar

The discipline required to write literary fiction has sharpened my overall craftsmanship so that it has enhanced my entire career as a fiction writer, both commercially and academically. Commercial genre fiction is primarily entertainment, designed to provide laughter, tears, surprise, …