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The Craftsman Course Took Me to the Next Level

Besides learning from the instructors, we also learned from each other.


Writing the Successful Query Letter

The query letter is your ticket to publication. Learn to create a pitch that sells.


The Craftsman Course Immersed Me in Writing

In addition to learning from the instructors, we students learned from each other.


Self-Editing Tips for Fiction Writers

Refine your work through three layers of self-editing. Remember, the Delete button is your friend.

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How To Conduct an Interview

Whether you’re looking to quote an expert, report someone’s personal opinion, or tell a life story, you need to know how to master the well-conducted interview.

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Write Book Reviews (And Maybe Get Paid)

Want a fun way to keep up with the latest books in your genre, and maybe get paid? Try writing book reviews. Here’s how.