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That Sacred Space

The Spirit works in that sacred space between author and reader.


Write like a Gladiator

Study what the masses are reading, and discover what makes those books work.


Procrastination Made Perfect

Creativity often needs time to flex its muscles.


How Long Has This Been Goin’ On?

The writer’s life is an apprenticeship.

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Writing Stainless Steel Prose

Listen to your writing. Is it singing?

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Let’s Talk About Money

Will you be rolling in dough once you’re published? Bestselling author Angela Hunt explains.


Earn Those Quarters

Bestselling author Angela Hunt learned a trick in high school she still uses to make her writing shine.


The Simple Truth

Writing is a hard job … Some days I can’t imagine why any sane person would ever want to do this.

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Writer, Write Now!

Best-selling author Angela Hunt challenges aspiring fiction writers to work on more than novels to improve their craft—and make a difference.


Make Your Words do the Work

The exclamation mark: To use, or not to use, that is the question.